Youtuber Omi In A Hellcat Indicted For $30 Million Dollar TV Piracy Scam

Popular Youtuber and personality Omi In A Hellcat has been indicted for $30 Million Dollar piracy scheme.

Source: Joe Raedle / Getty

When it comes to operating in the grey area, you have to always realize the worst possible scenario could play out. If that scenario is jail, you have to set yourself and your family up with a plan if that happens. Also, when you operate in the grey area, it’s probably wise to keep a low profile and stay out of the way. Get your bag but stay out the way used to be a non-negotiable, but ever since social media has taken over, everyone has to show their every move no matter how illegal it is.

Youtuber Omi In A Hellcat has always shown his lavish lifestyle in his content, but also shows his legit business ventures as well. The issue is here is that he once ran an illegal TV streaming service involving jailbroken Firestire sticks, which he says isn’t illegal, but a grey area.

In November of 2019, authorities raided his house seizing computers and other vital information along with several of his personal items including cars. In the aftermath, Omi continued to be transparent and upload to YouTube during all of the chaos.

Within a few weeks, he was back to buying brand new cars and back to his lifestyle, which shocked everyone. This past week the Feds paid him another visit and this time, he was indicted but the feds who say his fraud scheme with his live tv service funded his lavish lifestyle.

In the indictment that was unsealed this week, they labeled Omi the ring leader operating the streaming service and charged him for copyright infringement, wire fraud, tax evasion, and several other felonies in relation to his ‘grey area’ operation. Authorities believe his youtube lifestyle and flaunting wealth helped draw even more subscribers to the $30 Million Dollar content-stealing business.

Omi has maintained he operated in a grey area, lets pray that’s true and works in his favor. If not, he will be facing serious jail time.

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