What’s Happening Here? Jayda Cheaves Slams Fan Displeased Over Alleged $130 ‘Cheaply’ Made Merch

What is happening here, chile?

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

An apparent fan of Instagram star Jayda Cheaves put her and her company, Waydamin Merch, on blast via Tiktok and Jayda is not too happy about it from how she responded.

The young woman popped off in her TikTok video, initially stating that she’s a fan of Jayda’s and wanted to support her by purchasing a $200 pants set from her recently launched merchandise line. Unfortunately, she was unhappy with the items. Claiming to be 5’2″, the woman showed in the video that the pants were too short despite ordering her correct size. She also said the fabric was see-through, showing the pockets.

We went on Jayda’s merch site and determined this outfit costs around $130. That’s a nice chunk of money.

Would YOU be upset at this?

The video quickly gained a lot of attention and prompted Cheaves to share a message about the controversy to her Instagram Story.

“The route y’all go to tear a business down is beyond me. But it’s cool. The good most definitely outweighs the bad. And most of my customers are 100% satisfied & speak very highly of the quality we offer. Everything is not for everybody & i sell exactly what I’ve been promoting since the first time i mentioned my new line.”

In an update from the customer, Jayde has allowed her to return the items, despite her ‘no refunds’ policy. Do YOU think this is a fair solution?

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