Welp: Boosie BadAzz Escorted Off Stage At Legendz Of The Streetz Concert While Fight Breaks Out

It’s always that one person who messes up a good time for everyone and unfortunately, fans attending the Legendz of the Streetz concert witnessed that last night.

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

The whole fiasco happened in Atlanta, GA at the Legendz of the Streetz concert featuring heavy hitters such as 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Boosie BadAzz, Jeezy, Lil Kim, Gucci Mane and Fabolous.

Boosie couldn’t even get 5 minutes into his performance without folks throwing hands on stage. One minute he’s rocking the mic and the next, someone from the DJ booth comes down on stage and starts swinging at another man.

According to TMZ, it was very unclear what triggered this man’s anger but obviously it was bad enough to end the night. The fight got so bad that speakers were knocked over, multiple people became involved, trash was thrown everywhere and the venue quickly cut the house lights up and called it quits on the concert.

Of course, Boosie naturally being who he is did try and get a few licks in before security escorted him off stage while the fight continued to escalate.

Thankfully there were no injuries and cops were not called! However, fans in attendance did miss out on great performances from hip hop legends and many have already requested a refund but right now there is no word if their requests will be honored.

In the video you can hear fans erupt with anger demanding that Boosie and his team get back on stage, that they were pissed and were solely waiting on his performance. Damn, we really hate to see it. Black people we gots to do better.

We will keep you posted with updates on this matter.

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