We All Look Alike? Caucasian Fan Confuses Insta-Baddie Jayda Cheaves For “Saweetie” In Viral Video

Source: Getty Images / Getty

Instagram popular model Jayda Cheaves was not amused by a fan who mistook her for rapper Saweetie while she visited New York City this week. In a video now making its way around social media, an unidentified woman is heard questioning if the young model is “Saweetie.”

“Are you Saweetie?!”

In response, 23-year-old Jayda stared the woman down as some supporters in the background were heard saying,


Does Jayda look like Saweetie AT ALL to you? Hit play to see it.


Jayda Cheaves was seemingly just out and about, enjoying fashion week with friends when the stranger made the assumption she was Saweetie. The model has amassed over 5.9 million followers on Instagram and brings in coins by partnering with brands and hosting parties.

In related news, Saweetie has been having a blast these past two weeks, appearing at the MTV Awards and shutting down The Met Gala with a beautiful Christain Cowan gown, covered in thousands of crystals in the same week. Days before the fancy events, Saweetie revealed she has a collaboration in the works with MAC cosmetics, requesting fans stay tuned for more information.


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