Wack 100 Says Birdman Was “Dissatisfied” That He Interviewed with 6ix9ine

A lot of people have been critical of Wack 100 appearing next to and working alongside Tekashi 6ix9ine. Count Birdman in on the list.

Wack was sitting with Bootleg Kev and revealed that Birdman was not a fan, stating the moment cost him a few friends.

“My close friends have called me and got on me,” Wack said. “The one that got on me the most was Birdman. I’ma dude to keep it one hundred, ain’t nobody bigger than the politics. That’s my brother. But Birdman, outta everybody got on my ass. On me.”

Wack added, “He told me ‘I love you, you my brother, you know that. We been in the trenches together, but goddamnit, this the way I feel.’ He told me ‘who you are and what you stand for and who you represent is bigger than that.”

Despite how Birdman feels, Wack 100 has said that 6ix9ine is good for business. HNHH notes after all of the fallout of the two, 6ix9ine’s popularity has risen, leading to 43Ms in new business deals that cover concerts, a rework of his album agreement, and more.

This week, wack 100 revealed the achievement on Clubhouse, stating a quarter of that money will go to him.

“It’s been about 30 or 45 days since I did the interview party on Clubhouse, right?” said Wack. “So in the last 45 days, I probably done set up $43 million of business and I ain’t seen the kid. I’m talking about big movies, European tours, renegotiated his album terms all through attorneys and email. 45 more days, shit’s gonna start being announced to drop and release, and I need him to keep talking about it to keep it hot. I just get my little 25 percent. I ain’t trippin’.”

Do you think Wack will listen to Birdman’s disappointment or keep bringing the money in?

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