#RHOP Recap: Candiace And Mia’s Messy ‘Low Budget’ Blowup & THIS Nicki Minaj-Approved Moment 

Candiace and Mia went back and forth on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac during a “reasonably shady” pow wow and a certain celebrity tuned in.

Source: Shannon Finney / Bravo

On Sunday’s egregiously entertaining episode of #RHOP, Gizelle and Robyn hosted a gathering at Gizelle’s “home” and played a game of “reasonable or shady” to celebrate their Reasonably Shady podcast.

During the game, Gizelle alleged that it was “wack” of Wendy to tell Candiace that Mia was gossiping with Candiace’s mother Ms. Dorothy at her “Drive Back” video shoot. As previously reported Mia flat out asked if Candiace’s husband Chris was “being paid to manage her” and Dorothy dubbed him a “house husband.”

“You told Candiace that Mia was talking about her, which was wack,” Gizelle said noting that the “timing was off” and it could’ve thrown Candiace off her game.

“No, that’s not wack,” Wendy replied. “You should tell your friend if someone was talking about them.”

Later when Candiace arrived, they recapped the convo and Candiace sided with her friend Wendy.

“She wasn’t being wack, she was being a friend,” Candiace said. “If she felt like it wasn’t an appropriate time, then she wouldn’t have told me. So, I don’t have a problem with when she said it, the things that I heard coming from the mouths of the people to my left, I needed to know,” she added turning her attention to Mia.

So it’s inappropriate for Wen to tell me about the shade…but its appropriate for the ain’ts to be shady and talk to my mama during production? Chyle. I do not comprehend. #RHOP

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) September 27, 2021

You all DO realize that I was WORKING at my #DRIVEBACK visual, right? I didn’t know what ANYONE said behind my back…including my own mother. I only knew what Mia said because I was told by G. #RHOP

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) September 27, 2021

From there they debated about Mia asking Candiace’s mother about her personal business and Mia sent some “low budget” shade that was quickly sent right back her way.

The only question I asked was who was the manager and is he getting paid,” Mia said.

“Okay, well let’s stop there,” replied Candiace. “Why is it appropriate to ask my mom a question like that? On a day that’s supposed to be joyful and positive?”

“I wanted to be there, but I wanted to show up to something that wasn’t low budget…” said Mia.

“Your mama’s low budget — watch your mouth,” clapped back Candiace.

Me and my 300,000+ views would beg to differ. But go off. #DRIVEBACK #DEEPSPACE #RHOP https://t.co/40jjCdqgLZ

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) September 27, 2021

Dr. Heavenly Kimes, is that you?

Mind you, Mia has been open about previously being in the foster care system and is repairing her relationship with her mom who was previously incarcerated. Candiace said on Twitter however that she was unaware of those details.

Also. I knew nothing of Big Foot’s mama trauma. I wasn’t present for those moments nor did anyone share them with me. #RHOP

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) September 27, 2021

Later in the episode, Wendy got into a reasonably shady dustup with the Green-Eyed Bandits after they once again brought up those Eddie Osefo cheating rumors and Wendy’s plastic surgery.


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