Orange Is The New Bag: Alabama Governor Kay Ivey Brags About Using $400 Million In COVID-19 Relief Funds To Build Prisons

Wonder who she wants to put in those cells…

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Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is loud and proud about her plans for making money for the state and it involves some very morally questionable means to say the very least. You remember Kay, right? She’s the devilish soup cookie who essentially outlawed abortion in the heart of dixie even if the pregnancy is the result of incest or rape. According to CNN, Ivey has signed new legislation that will appropriate $400 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds so that she can build more prisons.

New York Congressman Jerry Nadler is overstepping and trying to tell Alabama how to govern. Read my full statement below. ⬇️ #alpolitics

— Governor Kay Ivey (@GovernorKayIvey) September 28, 2021

In an opinion piece written for Yahoo, writer David A. Love drops a telling stat about Ivey’s master plan. Black people makeup 28% of Alabama’s population and yet also make up 43% of jail inmates and 54% of prison inmates. Now, ask yourself, who exactly is going to be sleeping on those cold, hard bunks inside the federally funded, barbed-wire-wrapped, timeshare properties that Ivey wants to erect? Not Karen and Cody that’s for damn sure.

Legal Advocacy Group boss Pastor Robert White told CNN that he takes serious umbrage with Ivey’s zeal for metal bars of steel.

“…we could be using this money on mental health, on our sewage system. Covid is still going on; we should be using this money on our health care system.”

“We’re not saying the prisons don’t need to be built. We’re saying that this money needs to go to mental health, education, not a plantation in the middle of nowhere. The problem doesn’t change. The murders don’t stop.”
After a year in which we saw a pandemic, massive layoffs, complete closure of businesses, an economic collapse, and a s*** show of an educational system. Not to mention the racial reckoning that America had to face last summer, the best plan that Kay Ivey can come up with for $400 million of Alabama’s hard-earned tax dollars is to put more people who likely be Black or brown into prison.
With leaders like these, who needs terrorists?

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