Microsoft’s Unveils New Surface Laptop Studio Plus Eveything Else Announced During Its Surface Event

Source: Microsoft / Microsoft Surface Event

Apple and Samsung have been the talk of the tech world, but Microsoft said, wait a minute, we got some things to show y’all.

Wednesday (Sep.22), Microsoft had plenty to show off to tech enthusiasts during its Microsoft Surface event. As expected, the tech giant revealed a new  Surface Pro 8, Surface Duo 2, now equipped with a camera plus some other cool features, and even a NEW weird but still cool as hell flagship laptop and much more.

So let’s get into it.

Surface Go 3

Source: Microsoft / Surface Go 3

The Surface Go3 is Microsoft’s low-end Surface model aimed at those who don’t want to break the bank for one of Microsoft’s fancy tablets. Brand new Intel processors power this new model to give it a bit of a booth.

Surface Duo 2 5G

Source: Microsoft / Surface Duo 2 5G

Microsoft’s phablet is getting a significant update that makes it very attractive to people who love a good phone that also doubles as a tablet. The Surface Duo 2 features updates to the device that users of the first iteration of the Duo were screaming for. The Surface Duo 2 now has 5G capability, some nifty gaming features, a pretty decent screen, plus a cool Glance Bar that updates you about your notifications and battery life when the device is close. It also works with the new Surface Slim Pen 2.

Surface Slim Pen 2

Source: Microsoft / Surface Slim Pen 2

Yaaaay, a new pen. Apple has its Apple Pencil, Samsung has the S Pen Pro, now Microsoft has the Surface Slim Pen 2. Both Apple and Samsung claimed that updates to their stylists because that’s what each peripheral is, just with a different name, make it feel like you’re writing. Now, Microsoft makes the same claim thanks to built-in haptics designed to give you more tactile feedback while using it.

Ocean Plastic Mouse

Source: Microsoft / Ocean Plastic Mouse

Microsoft’s Ocean Plastic Mouse didn’t blow anyone away unless you’re Captain Planet and The Planeteers. The mouse is eco-friendly and is made from 20 percent recycled ocean plastic and packaging that’s 100 percent recyclable. Don’t get it twisted. We are here for saving the planet.

Surface Adaptive Kit

Source: Microsoft / Surface Adaptive Kit

Everyone deserves to enjoy technology, and Microsoft is ahead of the curve when it comes to making their devices inclusive for all, and that energy continues. Microsoft showed off its new Surface Adaptive Kit in a heartwarming presentation. The kit features labels and port indicators you can place on your Surface Pro to make it easier to use. There are even tools you can use to help you open the device. Well done, Microsoft.

Surface Pro 8

Source: Microsoft / Surface Pro 8

The Surface Pro 8 features some significant redesigns to Microsoft’s Surface line. This time around, the Surface Pro 8 has a larger 13-inch touchscreen, two Thunderbolt 4 ports (so long USB-A port), thinner bezels, and much more. Yes, it also supports the new Slim Pen 2.

Surface Laptop Studio

Source: Microsoft / Surface Laptop Studio

This bad boy stole the show. Microsoft’s new flagship laptop, the Surface Laptop Studio, is its new powerful notebook, and its most significant feature is functionality. This transformer features a hinge allowing users to bring the screen closer to them or convert it to “studio mode” so you can do some heaving editing while using the Slim Pen 2. This device is so incredible that it almost had the event’s host in tears while he talked about it. We are dead serious.

Photo: Microsoft / Microsoft Surface Event

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