Maryland Man Receives 10 Years In Jail After Stabbing Woman With Syringe Full Of His Semen [Video]

A Maryland man has been sentenced to 10 years in jail after attacking a woman at his local grocery store and stabbing her with a syringe full of his semen.

Source: picture alliance / Getty

Nowadays, the news is filled with stories that are just too hard to believe are real–Especially in areas like Florida, where #FloridaMan and #FloridaWoman are in the news every day for some next-level outlandish events. Just recently, a dad in Florida took his son to do a paintball drive-by on a house and ended up running over the kid after he fell out of the car from being hit by real return gunfire.

Around the world in every city, people are currently being locked up for PPP loan scams and unemployment fraud, but in Maryland, one man has taken the crown for the wildest news story of the year after going viral from his sentencing. 51-year-old Thomas Byron was sentenced to 10 years in jail for reportedly attacking a woman at his local grocery store. What makes this unbelievable is that he stabbed her in the buttocks with a syringe filled with his semen. All this happened in front of everyone in the store and on camera.

After stabbing her, he reportedly leaned in and told the victim he knows it’s stinging her like a bee sting. The woman didn’t even realize she had been stabbed till after she left the store and alerted police, who located Byron and found several syringes loaded with his semen. His sick act will have him off the streets for a decade and hopefully, he gets the proper mental treatment while behind bars.

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