Lil Nas X And Elton John Star In Uber Eats Commercial [Video]


Lil Nas X has collaborated with one of music’s biggest pioneers. He and Elton John are the new faces of an Uber Eats advertising campaign.


As spotted on Complex the polarizing Rap star is taking his talents to the online food ordering and delivery platform category. In a new commercial Lil Nas X stole Sir Elton’s look in a very color shoot that shows both performers enjoying they entrees. The Lithia Springs, Georgia native is wearing one of the Rocket Man’s most iconic outfits as an homage to the legendary piano player. In return the “Tiny Dancer” singer wears Lil Nas X’s pink Versace cowboy suit from the 2020 Grammys.

“It was actually probably one of the coolest [outfits] I’ve ever been in; it’s my lock screen now,” Lil Nas X told Bustle. “I just thought that would be a killer idea,” the five-time Grammy winner tells Bustle. “We were laughing so hard when we saw each other because it’s just a brilliant gag.” The costuming was a total surprise to X he admitted. “We had the lines mixed up for what we were about to do, and he kind of was like, ‘B*tch stole my look,’” he recalls. “I was not prepared for him to say that and it was hilarious.”

Earlier this year when X debuted his blood infused sneaker John saluted his approach to bringing his music to life. “He doesn’t give a flying f*ck,” he explained. “He’s very smart. He’s very intelligent. He uses his words wisely. And he’s very, very courageous. We need more people like that in the LGBTQ community. I took to him like a bee to honey. I just thought this is someone I love already.”

You can see their video spot below.


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