LeBron James FINALLY Reveals He’s Vaccinated…But He Still Won’t Urge Others To Do The Same

After months of dodging questions, LeBron James has finally confirmed that he’s vaccinated against COVID-19.

Source: Wally Skalij / Getty

Reporters have been asking LeBron if he’s vaccinated–or if he’s going to get vaccinated–pretty much since the second the COVID vaccine was rolled out. While he’s been dodging those very questions for months, he finally confirmed his vaccination status during Tuesday’s Lakers media day,  but he still won’t try to persuade anyone else.

The NBA star broke down his feelings on the matter today, telling reporters he was initially skeptical of the shots, but decided to get them after doing his research. Still, while he decided to go ahead with the vaccine, James said he had no interest in pleading with others — including his NBA peers — to follow in his footsteps, saying it’s a decision each person needs to make on their own.

“We’re talking about individuals’ bodies,” LeBron said “We’re not talking about something that’s political, or racism, or police brutality. Things of that nature. We’re talking about people’s bodies and well being.”

He continued, “So, I don’t feel like, for me personally, that I should get involved in what other people should do for their bodies and their livelihoods.”

Bron went on to compare it to giving out job advice, explaining he would never tell someone how to choose their own career paths.

“You have to do what’s best for your family,” the baller continued. “So, I know what I did for me and my family. I know some of my friends and what they did for their families. But as far as speaking for everybody and their individualities and things that they want to do, I don’t feel like that — that’s not my job.”

LeBron and the Lakers will head into the NBA season with a 100% vaccination rate on their team, something that can’t be said for some other organizations, like The Brooklyn Nets and Golden State Warriors.

Unfortunately, Bron, this matter IS political–even if it shouldn’t be–and vaccination affects more than just one’s self. Given how influential his voice is, it would be great for James to encourage the vaccine, but at least he’s gotten the shot himself.

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