Kodak Black Defends Hitting On Grieving Lauren London By Throwing Diddy Under The Bus — ‘He Was F**king That Man Girl’

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Kodak Black addressed his controversial 2019 comment where he let Lauren London know he’d give her a year to grieve before shooting his shot. The unprovoked message was sent after Nipsey Hussle tragically passed away and he seems to justify it by throwing Brother Love aka Diddy under the bus.

In the two-year-old video, Kodak spoke on Lauren being single again, saying:

 “She about to be out here single. She finna be a whole widow out here. I be the best man I could be for her. I give her a whole year, she might need a whole year to be crying and s***.”

In a recent interview with DJ Akademiks, the rapper actually address the statement that has social media slamming him.

“A n***a told me, ‘I ain’t gonna lie, before you came here there was discussions ’bout…y’know, you about to come in here,” explained Yak. “When I got there, you know how much Crips showed me love? Every Crip n***a said, ‘I’d have said the same shit.’ I ain’t say nothing bad, I ain’t say nothing about Nipsey. Nipsey a GOAT! Nipsey brother fuck with me, Trae the Truth fuck with me.”

Kodak’s explanation then took an interesting turn where he seems to insinuate Diddy and London had an intimate relationship after the passing of Nipsey, despite the rapper once being close.

“If anything, n***as wanna get technical, Diddy just had this lil’ n***a up under him and a year later, he fuckin’ with the man’s girl. Y’all ain’t sayin’ nothin’ to Diddy!”

A rumor did swirl in 2019 about Lauren and Diddy dating and she succinctly shut it down — but Kodak appears to believes there’s some truth here.

Lauren London shuts down rumors that she’s dating Diddy 🙌 pic.twitter.com/k9md6VsLya

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