Knocked Up? Fans Think City Girls’ JT Is Pregnant With A Lil Uzi Squirt Because Of THIS Video

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

A rumor that rapper JT may secretly be pregnant with boyfriend Lil Uzi Vert’s baby has circulated online.

The chatter started late last night after both members of the City Girls duo appeared for a concert in Baltmore where fans shared photos and videos of the performance online. Yung Miami and JT  wore custom, spandex outfits that showed ever curved, clearly. In one of the now-viral clips of JT on stage, the 28-year-old star seems to be protruding a bit in her body-hugging outfit.

A fan tweeted the clip with a caption saying, “okay JT pregnant,” sparking chaos. Hit play to see it.

okay JT pregnant

— NOTSHADDIDIT (@utbshad) September 20, 2021

In the comments, fans were reeling with reactions to the possiblilty of JT being a mom-to-be. On the other hand, many casted doubt, citing she might be bloated or was caught at a bad angle…but this wasn’t the only “proof” speculator have to back up their theories that JT is hiding a Lil Uzi bump.

not Jt pregnant by a nigga with a diamond on his forehead……

— ❀ Steph ❀ (@blkvrsce) September 20, 2021

On her IG story, the star was seemingly seen searing a band intended for mother to combat morning sickness. Now, why would she be wearing this?

So far, JT has not address rumors she’s pregnant despite being a tredning tipic all last night and this morning. Instead, she tweeted about NYC traffic and deleted it. JT and Lil Uzi have been publicly known to be in a relationship since late 2020, with the rappers declaring their love for eachother online.



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