Kevin Durant Reportedly Stopped The Nets From Trading Kyrie Irving For Ben Simmons [Video]

After rumors surfaced that Kyrie Irving would quit the NBA if traded, a report has surfaced that Kevin Durant has told Brooklyn to not trade him for Ben Simmons.

Source: Sarah Stier / Getty

The 2021-2022 NBA Season is quickly approaching and we have some important questions left unanswered. Ben Simmons has reportedly gone on record stating that he will not play another game as a Sixer and wants to be traded elsewhere. The problem with that is…who wants to take Ben after his horrible showcase of skills in his last season? While he has the people’s agent Rich Paul, this solution may not be something that pleases all parties.

Shortly after, a rumor started circulating on Twitter claiming Kyrie Irving would reportedly retire if he was traded from the Brooklyn Nets. Many fans were left confused because Brooklyn had a great year and no one can understand the thought process of trading Kyrie after one full season with Kevin Durant. According to Stephen A Smith, the trade between Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving was a done deal–but one person wasn’t having that trade go down: Kevin Durant.

Stephen A says with all confidence that if not for KD, Kyrie would be in Philly as we speak. You can listen to Stephen A Smith break it down for Kendrick Perkins below.

Stephen A Smith just said the Nets would have traded Kyrie Irving for Ben Simmons but Kevin Durant is the one who said no, not GM Sean Marks.

— Rob Lopez (@r0bato) September 22, 2021

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