Kanye West Reportedly Assisting Kim Kardashian Ahead Of Her ‘SNL’ Hosting Gig, Twitter Isn’t Amused

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Kim Kardashian will embark on a new task this weekend as the guest host for Saturday Night Live, which has seemingly divided some who believe the social media star isn’t fit for the role. To prepare for the big event, Kanye West is reportedly helping his estranged wife as she prepares for her hosting gig but many on Twitter aren’t amused.

Now in its 47th season, SNL is still going strong and the long-running sketch comedy series is still considered event television by many. When SNL announced its slate of hosts, many seemed to balk at the notion that Kardashian, who isn’t known for her comedy chops, would be a host. Still, however controversial the decision to place Kardashian in that role, perhaps West coming to her aid will be just the boost of confidence she’ll need to make due.

As part of the upcoming show’s promo, SNL’s Twitter account tweeted a photo of Kardashian in the writer’s room prepping for her appearance and the responses under the tweet were anything but supportive of the move.  In fact, it appeared that many Twitter users took the moment to air out their list of grievances with the popular public figure and mother of four.

The news of West giving a helping hand to Kardashian came by way of an inside source who gave the tip to E! News saying, “She values his opinion creatively and artistically. They’ve talked about some different ideas and he has been very supportive.”

The source added, “She is taking this very seriously and putting her heart and soul into it. She wants it go well and is completely focused on the task at hand. She’s definitely nervous and wants this gig to be a success.”

Kardashian is clearly willing to work with West on creative endeavors as the pair were spotted at the final DONDA listening session in what was a mock wedding display, and they’ve been spotted having dinner and have agreed to be solid co-parenting partners for their children.

Check out the reactions to Kim Kardashian’s SNL appearance below.

OCT 9 pic.twitter.com/urEM9FiAre

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) October 5, 2021

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I have watched SNL since the 70’s, but I sure as hell wont be this week!

— Brett #VetsResistSquadron (@TruckinMedic13) October 7, 2021


I think this is going to be my first time not watching an episode of SNL.

— L. Ron Howard (@GrwnAssKid2) October 6, 2021


Thanks for letting me know I can go the bed early guys. pic.twitter.com/vNopUCq4OU

— Brittany (@BrittLCee) October 6, 2021


I FINALLY GOT @nbcsnl TICKETS AFTER ENTERING FOR 10 YEARS!!!! @KimKardashian see you soon bestie you got this!!! pic.twitter.com/mITtGMiEFD

— S A R A H (@sarahcaro__) October 7, 2021

Some people are excited, however.


Was any of the other million comedians in the world not available? I’ll take a” Best of Norm McDonald” pic.twitter.com/wcQEGEoyRE

— Moe (@thegreatmoe) October 6, 2021


Class warfare going on and you’re booking guests who are famous for being rich… pic.twitter.com/qQfa0lOamY

— Sanity Fair (@Sanity_Pod) October 6, 2021


And why is she hosting? One of the worse decisions in the 40+ years of watching @nbcsnl I’ll be tuning out this week unfortunately #KimKardashian #snl

— lisa (@lmbunl) October 6, 2021


Do your thing on @nbcsnl @KimKardashian . #snl pic.twitter.com/SGxDxaheIm

— Doug (@sigmapoet1914) October 6, 2021


Scrolling for the first positive comment like pic.twitter.com/33lI4BjyU7

— Nazdaq (@Nazdaq_) October 6, 2021


Ladies and Gentlemen: I am faced with a difficult decision. Like many of you I want to Boycott the episode because of her. However, the staff and crew as well as Halsey will suffer from the poor ratings. Tune in to support SNL Staff & Halsey or tune out to send the message?

— O’s Thoughts (@Os_Thoughts) October 5, 2021

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