Her Mic Was ON: Big Booty-ed Chlöe Bailey’s Insanely Sexy VMAs Show Sparks Beyoncé “Replacement” Conspiracies

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Chloe Bailey made her solo performance debut at last night’s VMAs and left fans shaking while sparking Beyonce comparisons on Twitter. After giving her audience goosebumps with live singing and insanely sexy choreography, fan conspiracies FLEW  alleging that Beyonce had been grooming Chloe from young to “replace her” as the next iconic performing artist.

Fans of Beyoncé seemingly think the 40-year-old mother of three is ready to retire and she knew to make Chloe a well-rounded star before clocking out on her career according to the chatter.

Chloe dancin like Beyonce gettin ready to retire … she know something we don’t know? 🤔

— alexis robinson (@alexisfromvegas) September 13, 2021

Well…Chloe DID give a stunning vocal and dance performance yesterday evening — but, is it BEYONCE level?

Fans believe it is!

First off, Chloe shocked fans with her beautifully cheeked-up, steamy choreography to go along with the vocal performance for her solo song “Have Mercy.” The 22-year-old sang live and she slayed! All while moving fiercely with backup dancers in a body-hugging hot pink bodysuit.

One stand-out moment from the performance was in the finale, Chloe actually let her tongue roll all over her hot mic, making the moment trend online.

Chloe Bailey licking the mic microphone at vmas 2021 pic.twitter.com/PKyxnY1pr3

— ً (@MinaFiIe) September 13, 2021

See some reactions from fans saying Beyonce personally groomed Chloe to be her “clone” below.

Do YOU think this conspircay is true?

You can definitely see Bey’s influence in that Chloe video/song.

Her turning 40 with a protege primed and ready to hit the scene. >>>>>>>>>


— Big Lord Bunny Rabbit (@cee_pain) September 10, 2021

Beyoncé watching Chloe from Italy #VMAs pic.twitter.com/NFV2hiptas

— Don Poohlio (@bkdudee__) September 13, 2021

This why Beyoncé didn’t leave her vacation…Chloe took care of it! #vmas

— Kalen Allen (@TheKalenAllen) September 13, 2021




Catch Chloe’s ‘Have Mercy’ VMA specular below.





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