God Bless: Orlando Brown Releases Rap Video About Beating Drug Addiction, Twitter Rejoices

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Orlando Brown has made headlines over the past few years due to his run-ins with the law and a public battle with drug addiction. The former That’s So Raven star has since turned his life around and has delivered a new set of verses celebrating the triumph over his demons

Brown, 33, overcame his addiction by way of a faith-based program as part of Rise Discipleship, a six-month in-patient recovery program at Rise Church in Abilene, Texas that he completed last fall. We’re happy to report that Brown is continuing his journey in the church and music, with evangelist Danté Lee sharing Brown’s testimony via a video and verse that explains how faith informs his current lifestyle as a sober individual.

“[N]ot only did Orlando Brown overcome drug addiction, but he gave his life to Jesus. WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS,” Lee wrote, adding in following tweets,” the whole world is talking about him when he’s getting in trouble, but he gets saved and everyone’s quiet.. PUT THIS ON THE NEWS.”

Not for nothing, Brown is spitting with ferocity and clarity, and it’s heartwarming to see him happy, healthy, and surrounded in love. Brown and his wife Danielle Brown are raising a beautiful baby boy together, and Brown credits his wife for leading him to Rise Church.

As Lee noted in his tweets, folks are barely speaking on Orlando Brown’s transformation from a struggling addict to a man of God. While we’ve done our coverage on some of Brown’s missteps in the past, he rightfully should be celebrated for overcoming those dark days.

Salute to you, Orlando Brown.

not only did Orlando Brown overcome drug addiction, but he gave his life to Jesus. WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS? pic.twitter.com/xHhKCGOGYY

— Danté Lee (@whoknowsdante) October 6, 2021

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Shout out to Orlando Brown (That’s So Raven). He beat drug addiction, found faith, and has a beautiful family. Love to see it! pic.twitter.com/kXi3GtVT4i

— Da Kid Gowie (@DaKidGowie) October 7, 2021


I heard Orlando Brown got clean. I need us to be as loud about that as we were when we were making fun of him high as hell. Congratulations on getting your life back man!

— Toph Beifong (@PunchinelloSaid) October 6, 2021


Raven Symoné, Orlando Brown and Anneliese van der Pol will always be one of the best comedy teams ever created. Period. pic.twitter.com/j7D3UuLs3G

— ClockOutWars (@clockoutwars) October 7, 2021


Even if no one else notices, I’m really proud of Orlando Brown. He overcame his addiction and really turned his life around. pic.twitter.com/9e1MwNwtWl

— DEMI (@truepyt) October 7, 2021


If Kanye don’t put Orlando brown on an album, he wild. https://t.co/34y9RLu4E2

— MajinGnarly (@GnarlyJevy) October 7, 2021


A deleted prediction that came true: Orlando Brown will be in the news. Positivity. pic.twitter.com/WzYbL5kTr1

— …. (@theegypsy1) October 7, 2021


I saw Orlando Brown trending & I’m glad it’s all good and he’s still doing well in a better place than he was pic.twitter.com/dm5eYAm6Qp

— TheBlkMusashi (@Halftym3) October 7, 2021


Orlando brown trending positively, the universe is beginning to heal. pic.twitter.com/dALSOJgCV4

— Fatherless Behavior (@MijoPapito) October 7, 2021


From someone who admittedly laughed at some of Orlando Brown’s bad videos, I should be the first to congratulate him on getting his life back in order. Ive got to be better. Seeing people in pain and struggling should never be entertaining.

— RyanH. (@alms4thepoor) October 7, 2021


We don’t see these stories enough. Orlando Brown’s transformation is inspiring and encouraging to anyone going through an addiction https://t.co/5juugK69mS

— Love live and laugh (@Keys2life__) October 7, 2021


Salute to Orlando Brown man dude legit turned his life around and has a beautiful family…we see you King pic.twitter.com/XB9sSADQUC

— Black Ghost (@theinfinitypoet) October 7, 2021


Orlando Brown and Steve O are inspirational tbh. You can climb out of any hole no matter how deep. pic.twitter.com/Ik0H2FwyGa

— MBO Dame (@dvme_WillBarYou) October 7, 2021


It’s the fact Orlando Brown is championing over drug addiction and the fact it was the CHURCH —a FAITH BASED RECOVERY FACILITY that helped him do it. THAT IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!

— Adara Sherron, M.A. (@adarathexplorer) October 7, 2021


Love to see it! A lot of people was making fun out of him when he really needed help. He was crying out for help right In front of our eyes, BUT GOD! God can bring you from your lowest to your highest. A rock at the bottom, I’m happy for Orlando Brown https://t.co/NmYvmZHuq6

— LANDO (@LandoSoReal) October 7, 2021


I am so beyond glad to see one of my favorite childhood actors Orlando Brown HEALTHY,HAPPY & SOBER & pray GOD Continues to bless him & his family pic.twitter.com/063Uxwopdc

— 𝙷𝚘𝚘𝚍𝚒𝚎𝙻𝙱𝙹 ➐ (@HoodieLBJ) October 7, 2021

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