F*ck Christopher Columbus: Twitter Celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day #IndigenousPeoplesDay

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Since 1992, Indigenous Peoples’ Day has been celebrated in stark opposition to the United States federal holiday, Christopher Columbus Day, lambasting the Italian explorer’s so-called discovery of the Americas. President Joe Biden is the first U.S. president to formally recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and many on Twitter are joined in a virtual celebration.

According to the Wikipedia entry on the holiday, the holiday was first adopted in 1989 in South Dakota as Native American Day. Since the term “Native American” doesn’t encompass all indigenous peoples, Berkeley, Calif. adopted the day as it is known today in 1992 with Santa Cruz, Calif. adopting it two years later. Some two decades later, three other cities, Grand Rapids, Mich., Minneapolis, Minn., and Seattle, Wash. all adopted the day along with Minnesota State University at Mankato.

In 2015, 18 cities, two counties in Minnesota, and the state of Alaska adopted the day. The following year, 24 more cities joined in, along with five other universities and the entire state of Minnesota along with Vermont.

On October 8 of this year, President Biden signed a presidential proclamation declaring that Indigenous Peoples’ Day will. now be recognized as a federal holiday.

From the proclamation:

The Federal Government has a solemn obligation to lift up and invest in the future of Indigenous people and empower Tribal Nations to govern their own communities and make their own decisions. We must never forget the centuries-long campaign of violence, displacement, assimilation, and terror wrought upon Native communities and Tribal Nations throughout our country. Today, we acknowledge the significant sacrifices made by Native peoples to this country — and recognize their many ongoing contributions to our Nation.

On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we honor America’s first inhabitants and the Tribal Nations that continue to thrive today. I encourage everyone to celebrate and recognize the many Indigenous communities and cultures that make up our great country.

Across Twitter, the hashtag #IndigenousPeoplesDay has been ringing off with folks praising the holiday with others taking turns dunking on Columbus as expected.

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Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay! pic.twitter.com/44JCti47Bl

— Undead Rayne (she/her) (@RayneMillaray) October 11, 2021


Thank you grandmother and all of my ancestors on this #IndigenousPeoplesDay and every day for your resilience and strength.
Your courage lights my path. pic.twitter.com/mUp1NEpF7Q

— La Donna (pro-democracy) Franco (@ladeedafalala) October 11, 2021


Celebrating Native American communities today and the many invaluable contributions their culture and heritage have had on our society. Sharing one of my favorite poems by #JoyHarjo, writer of the Muscogee Nation and the 23rd US Poet Laureate. #IndigenousPeoplesDay pic.twitter.com/2sSSrzlj2H

— Reese Witherspoon (@ReeseW) October 11, 2021


Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay, y’all!

— LeVar Burton (@levarburton) October 11, 2021


NOW: Hundreds of Indigenous water protectors + allies are marching in DC to demand @JoeBiden respect Indigenous sovereignty & reject fossil fuel projects.

The #PeopleVsFossilFuels coalition isn’t messing around. On #IndigenousPeoplesDay we demand an end to fossil colonialism. pic.twitter.com/sLBtiWpef1

— Collin Rees (@collinrees) October 11, 2021


On #IndigenousPeoplesDay, I hope folks use this time to reflect and learn from our history. Indigenous people were here long before America’s “discovery,” and they are essential to our future.

— Tammy Duckworth (@SenDuckworth) October 11, 2021


On #IndigenousPeoplesDay:

We acknowledge the courage and resilience of indigenous peoples, while mourning the need for resilience in facing grave injustice.

We commit to educate, to being educated, and to sustainable change.

We celebrate.

[: Our 2018 #BelovedCommunity Expo] pic.twitter.com/ysunCj2HvF

— The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center (@TheKingCenter) October 11, 2021


Why you SHOULDNT celebrate Columbus day.

A very important thread!!

Please retweet this and spread it to your group chats!! #IndigenousPeoplesDay

— RT MY PINNED /SRS (@SpookyKrl) October 11, 2021


happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay, remember to support us EVERYDAY and not just on the day meant to allieviate settlers guilt. we are constantly fighting for our communities, land, treaty rights, and fighting anti-Indigenous racism. we need to be visible and supported all the time.

— 𝖜𝖔𝖑𝖋 @ blfc (@ISANANIKA) October 11, 2021


Your daily reminder that Indigenous people predated Columbus by — wait for it — 23,000 years. #IndigenousPeoplesDay pic.twitter.com/8LU9PwQGJa

— Lakota Man (@LakotaMan1) October 11, 2021


Man in the Bahamas destroys a Columbus statue with a sledgehammer.

Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay! pic.twitter.com/xpaO7Yoq8s

— Fifty Shades of Whey (@davenewworld_2) October 11, 2021


Good morning and Happy Monday to everyone who appreciates that our President will be the first in history to officially commemorate #IndigenousPeoplesDay today.

— BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) October 11, 2021


Thinking about this Indigenous queen today. @DebHaalandNM

She marks the first Native American to serve as a cabinet secretary in U.S. history. #IndigenousPeoplesDay pic.twitter.com/hkizD300cI

— ˚✧₊⁎ em ⁎₊✧˚ (@emzisgolden) October 11, 2021


Solidarity with indigenous people everywhere on this #IndigenousPeoplesDay . I’d like to honor Hatuey, the hero who fought and dies in the struggle to liberate his people from Spanish colonialism. pic.twitter.com/zPFxBn2kev

— Comandante Shinji (@ShinjiTheCuban) October 11, 2021


“Let us in the name of the Holy Trinity go on sending all the slaves that can be sold.” – Columbus

Also, he wasn’t American.
And he never set foot in what became the US.
But racists LOVE the guy.

Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay https://t.co/WfDReRYwUX

— John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang) October 11, 2021

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