Daz Dillinger Claims Jada Pinkett Smith Was Creeping With Late Kriss Kross Rapper Chris Kelly When He Was A Teen

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If you thought the news cycle was moving on from Jada Pinkett Smith, an explosive bombshell recently dropped ensures that her name will be ringing in these streets for a little bit longer. Daz Dillinger claims that Pinkett Smith allegedly had dealings with an underaged Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross fame.

According to a report from HotNewHipHop, Daz Dillinger chopped it up in a recent interview where he discussed a so-called entanglement between Pinkett Smith and Chris Kelly with their respective ages being 22 and 15.

“You think Jada Pinkett was entangling? She was entangling with Chris Kelly from motherf*cking Kriss Kross,” Daz is seen saying on the video. “Kriss Kross was in the room and [Kelly] was like, ‘Jada Pinkett is at the door but don’t leave! Take this weed, chill.’ We were like, ‘Damn, he gave us an ounce of weed! We gon’ kick it right here.’ Then he came back in and said, ‘Yeah, that was Jada Pinkett.’ I’m like, damn, that’s Jada Pinkett at a young age. 1993, around that way. She was entanglin’ then. Shout out to Jada.”

The timing of Daz’story comes as many believe that Will Smith and Pinkett Smith are undergoing strains on their union as a result of their unconventional approach to marriage. During a recent Red Table Talk episode celebrating her 50th birthday, Pinkett Smith stated that one of her bucket list items was to, quote, “learn how to love” but it was possibly taken out of context.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the Internet from speculating on the status of her and Smith’s relationship. Smith also shared some details in a recent GQ magazine interview that points to some of the chatter that has followed the celebrity couple over the past two decades. Kelly died in 2013 from a drug overdose at 34.

The reaction to Daz Dillinger’s quip about Jada Pinkett Smith allegedly dealing with a teenaged Chris Kelly has been what one could expect. We’ve got the reactions below.

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So what do you guys think about the news that Jada Pinkett Smith, at the age of 22, was allegedly messing around with a 15 yr old Chris Kelly (of the hip-hop duo Kriss Kross) back in the day?

Is the situation dif becuz she’s a woman… or is it just as damaging?

— LANE (@lanechanged) September 30, 2021


@jadapsmith lmao, so you slept with a minor? Is that why you were so quick to jump the bandwagon that was set on lynching an innocent man with false allegations? All the while the real predator was you suck on that https://t.co/p2YfYU4aBK

— Phydipoo (@phydipoo) September 30, 2021


Seems there should be a criminal investigation into Jada Pinkett Smith, considering she’s turning out to be the 90s female version of R Kelly.

— Jhobbs (@JJHobbs12) September 29, 2021


everything i learn about the smiths relationship has been against my will https://t.co/atNK7CMxGt

— scorpio stellium (@cherryxoxx) September 30, 2021


Oh shit! @jadapsmith is a predator! https://t.co/kkXoqkDpTr

— Walter James Venerable, III, M.S. (@DrWJV3PhD) September 30, 2021


I know this is a lost cause before I start, but we need to hold women predators accountable. They exist, and the number of young Black boys victimized by them is a silent epidemic. Nobody really cares about that though. https://t.co/c6KjTDIW1R

— Torraine Walker (@TorraineWalker) September 30, 2021


Daz messy asf but um yeah https://t.co/ocuZBELHzb

— Rugged Amethyst #TexasBorn #CaliBred (@groove_sdc) September 30, 2021


This is a similar story to Danny boy and Mary J Blidge. What I find striking about the these stories is that they’re almost always told on accident. The men almost never realize what their revealing because there is no language or conception of female predators. https://t.co/W2cnoQUhFd

— political.education in black (@RenyTure) September 30, 2021


Will about to turn into the Joker https://t.co/5m43X0wWZU

— Black Marlins Man (@ampaveli) September 29, 2021


She clearly been a weirdo. And she preyed on August Alsina. And tried to justify it. She need to shove that red table up her ass. https://t.co/QKvIGynXfg

— certified winner gyal (@BiancaRaye) September 30, 2021

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