Conor McGregor Butchers First Pitch At The Cubs Game; Social Media Slanders Him Back To Ireland

Conor McGregor threw the first pitch at the Cubs game and proved he has 0% chance of joining the MLB.

Source: Jonathan Daniel / Getty

Conor McGregor has been touring the United States since his UFC 264 loss to Dustin Poirier. During that match, Conor broke his ankle and the fight was called off due to a doctor stoppage. Since then, he’s had surgery in Los Angeles and is being rehabbing in the lavish Hollywood area. His rehabilitation seems to be going great and he’s ahead of schedule with his recover, but a return to the ring is still unclear with such a nasty injury.

In his downtime, he’s been hanging with 2 Chainz smoking the best cannabis, and living it up for IG. He also made an appearance at the new Chargers stadium, hanging out with his friend and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. He even dropped by the MTV VMA awards and threw a drink at Machine Gun Kelly.

Perhaps the most talked about stop on his tour happened last night. Conor stopped by the Cubs game and stepped up at the mound at Wrigley Field to throw the first pitch. Unfortunately, his pitch was a fail of epic proportions and immediately went to the top of the fail hall of fame. Words cannot express how bad this pitch was…you just have to watch below and see yourself.

50 CENT: My first pitch was bad

CONOR McGREGOR: Hold my Proper Twelve 🥃

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