Clip of Jorja Smith Singing TLC’s “No Scrubs” Sparks Debate About Whether She Can Sing Or Not

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Can Jorja Smith sing? An old clip resurfacing on Twitter sparked a debate if the singer can indeed hold a note.

On Twitter, old videos, for whatever reason, seem to pop back up, and they usually cause some discourse on the social media medium. Case in point, a video of Jorja Smith performing an interesting rendition of TLC’s smash hit “No Scrubs” in 2018 hit timelines and has sparked a debate about her singing skills, or lack thereof.

Quand Jorja Smith reprend “No Scrub” de TLC, magnifique.

— SHIMMYA (@shimmya_) October 9, 2021

What’s causing all of the hoopla surrounding Smith is the English singer-songwriters throaty, raspy vocals that many believe indicate she can’t sing. People have been pointing out on Twitter that Smith’s singing style is commonly adopted by modern-day singers/pop stars and has become the style that industry types seem to always look for.

— thali (@mambaxita) October 10, 2021

This is foolishness.

— ᴅᴏʟʟᴀʀ (@callmedollar) October 10, 2021

Despite many coming at her, some are throwing on their capes to defend Smtih. They also came with plenty of receipts to prove that she can sing the roof off a venue when she wants to. One user shared a clip of Smith singing with the WDR Funkhausorchester orchestra with the caption, “y’all can sit the F*** down and realize that Jorja Smith is and always will be a good singer…”

Another user shared a video of Smith singing live that showcased her evident vocal range. Add that to the fact that Smith is a classically trained vocalist and trained at Aldridge plus schooled by her dad, who’s a singer/musician himself.

not people on my tl saying Jorja Smith can’t sing…

— troy (@tr0ya113n) October 10, 2021

Only on social media do “debates” like this happen.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

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— Zeraiya (@ZeraiyaYoko) October 10, 2021



— AC Tatum (@actatumonline) October 10, 2021



this how jorja smith sings

— cindy ✯ (@RUNYOMONEY) October 10, 2021



Please dont avacadeeeeee and bananeeeeee the classics we’ve gotta draw the line somewhere

— America Is Musty (@DragonflyJonez) October 10, 2021


Usually I am a Jorja Smith shooter but the ability she has to make everything sound the absolute same as if she’s just singing in cursive is beyond me

— ༺♡༻ (@neovetements) October 10, 2021

Lol, no chill.


Jorja smith snapped in the studio a couple times tho

— rain (@Imlokishuri) October 10, 2021


i need lightskinned biracials in the UK to find office jobs!!!

— certified j&j jawn (@AbutiDlazof) October 10, 2021


we don’t talk about jorja smith’s voice enough.

— hen bat (@henniebat) October 6, 2021


pls bring back the girls that sang in baptist church…pls

— PINK (@astrog1rll) October 10, 2021


so twitter just woke up and decided to dislike jorja smith? did i miss the debriefing for this when did that happen?

— uaura (@iamsquegg) October 10, 2021

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