Black VA Beach Family Says Neighbor Plays N-Word Slurs And Monkey Noises, Cops Say “Not Criminally Actionable”

Stuff like this should be considered a hate crime.

Source: Grace Cary / Getty

A Black woman named Jannique Martinez recently spoke to CNN about the absurdly racist attacks that she her family have been enduring from one of their neighbors since they moved into their new Virginia Beach house.

“The minute we found this home, I loved it,” Jannique Martinez told CNN. “It was everything I envisioned for my family and for raising my kids in a nice, quiet neighborhood.”

Mrs. Martinez says that the harassment began almost immediately with a strange series of blinking lights that would go off whenever she or others leave the house. Apparently, along with these lights the neighbor would play “comedy” skits thru loud speakers depending on what family was outside.

“My husband parked his truck on the street in front of his house, which is city property, and instead of music, he started playing monkey noises,” Martinez said.

She went on to say that whenever they arrive or depart from their property, these noises and racist slurs play.

“Since that day he’s been playing N—– skits that he found online,” she said. Martinez said he plays skits that say, “Black people have nothing better to do but go to a comedy club on a Friday night,” and, “Hey everyone, look it’s N—– guy. Everyone say, ‘hi N—– guy.’”

To make matters worse, the Virginia Beach police are aware of this sitiuation and have even observed it with their own eyes and ears. Sadly, they have deemed this “appalling” behavior “not criminally actionable”.

“The observed conduct has been reviewed with the City Attorney for potential criminal sanctions; however, it was determined that the activity, though appalling, is not criminally actionable,” the Virginia Beach Police Department said in a statement.

Police have arrested people for MUCH less. They always find a way to put someone Black in handcuffs for even the most petty infractions but now they’re all shrug emoji over this racist a-hole. Tuh. A recent report on PilotOnline state that the music has been turned down after a local reporter aired a news piece about the harassment.

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