Big Boi and André 3000 Spotting at Oregon Ducks Game Prompts Reunion Talk

Big Boi and André 3000 together will never not be special.

This weekend while casually hanging out a lucky fan spotted Big Boi, André 3000, and his son Seven at the Oregon Ducks game. The duo that makes up OutKast was there in support of Big Boi’s son, Cross Patton #22 a running back for the Ducks.

After the snapped selfie with OutKast made it online with the caption “Coolest Duck game ever,” the OutKast reunion conversation ignited.

Yo so they working on an album or what. They chilling together lol. Nah fr though, it’s is dope.

— Zach Dixon (@Zdz17) September 26, 2021

Since being posted on Saturday night, the photo has been liked over 33k and re-shared over 5k times. Many fans are asking about a potential new OutKast album.

We need a REUNION Album & Tour @Outkast

It’s been too LONG!

— Coach White (@CoachKWhite) September 26, 2021

OutKast reunion concert @ halftime confirmed

— Detective Peacoat (@Mattjohn007) September 26, 2021

No word if they immediately left the game to record new music. However after taking a W- 41-19 over the Arizona Wildcats, Big Boi shared a celebratory video with his social media followers.

Andre 3000, his son, and Big Boi at the University of Oregon to watch Big’s son play football!

— NFR Podcast (@nfr_podcast) September 26, 2021

We can only be hopeful to see if their decade long hiatus will come to an end. Share your thoughts on social media.

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