Back To Being THAT Girl: Amber Rose Slams Haters Hung Up Over Her Forehead Tattoo & Declares She’s Back To Her Regular ‘Hoe Life’

Source: Splash News / Splash News

Amber Rose is back to her old self again she says, after sharing a series of posts to seemingly address the chatter while she took an Instagram hiatus.

Just a few weeks ago, Amber called it quits with the father of her son, Alexander Edwards, in a messy public feud where she alleged he cheated on her an innumerable amount of times with twelve women. Amid the public drama, Amber revealed to fans that she took a lengthy hiatus due to the alleged toxicity of her relationship. Since the breakup, Amber has returned to Instagram and she’s apparently feeling free and has a lot to say!

First, Amber put her cakes on full display in a video, announcing that she was back to “hoe life” in the caption.

“When you can finally breathe the air of H*e life again.”

Amber also seemingly has a good sense of humor over her real-life ordeal pertaining to her son’s father, AE. She shared a joke on an Instagram story that read, “She thought her man was different LOL,” clearing poking fun at herself.

“My bald-headed a**,” wrote Amber.

I came in her most recent IG post, Amber is addressing fans questioning her controversial forhead tattoo.

Blah blah blah “forehead tattoo” blah F*ckin blah stfu b*tch and enjoy the content.”

Oops — message received! What do YOU think of Amber Roses new attitude after a break up?


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