Authorities Investigating If Kentavious Caldwell-Pope & Fashion Nova CEO Robberies Related

Source: Justin Casterline / Getty

A few years ago burglars went on a crazy crime spree where they would break into the Hollywood homes of some well-known celebrities and loot them for all they were worth. But now things have gone up a notch and violence has become a part of the new M.O.

Recently Lakers star Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was robbed at gunpoint on the driveway of his home by three people who made off with $150K worth of jewelry, and even Fashion Nova CEO, Richard Saghian almost fell victim to the jux before his security team saved his hide. Now TMZ is reporting that authorities believe the two incidents may actually be connected and a new kind of Bling Ring may be in full effect in Los Angeles.

“TMZ’s learned police are investigating the 2 June incidents — along with multiple others that have been reported in L.A. lately — to determine if they’re part of a larger crime ring.”

“We’re told in both cases and other similar cases, it’s believed the victims were followed home after a night out and once they arrived … they were approached by the suspects and robbed of their valuables at gunpoint.”

Like we said before, Saghian was one of those people robbed of his jewelry late last month. After a car tailed him to his Hollywood Hills home, he and two associates were rolled up on and relieved of their goods. When Saghian’s security team intervened a shootout ensued and one of the suspects was killed in the exchange.Now that police are investigating whether or not the two juxes are related it should be interesting to see whether or not there’s a new crime syndicate operating out in the streets of LA. Had Suge Knight been home y’all know those rumors would’ve begun immediately.

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