A Lil Positivity: Will Smith Covers $100k Bill To Provide New Orleans With 4th Of July Fireworks

Over the weekend, Will Smith stepped up for the city of New Orleans and covered the tab to reinstate their canceled Fourth of July fireworks shows, totaling over $100,000.


Earlier this year, when Joe Biden was sworn into office, Georgia implemented some of the most restrictive voting laws in history, making it harder for mainly African American citizens to get to the polls. When this happened, certain actors in Hollywood immediately stopped their film projects from filming in Georgia, which has been home to most of Hollywood’s blockbusters for the past couple of years due to tax breaks and the lower costs of filming.

Will Smith was one of the people to move and took his latest project, Emancipation, further south to Louisiana. Now, according to ABC News, WIll is making himself at home and getting along with the community–even forking out big money to cover Fourth Of July fireworks after the city canceled their fireworks show.

Fireworks are returning to New Orleans on Independence Day thanks to actor Will Smith.

Smith is picking up the roughly $100,000 tab for the pyrotechnics over the Mississippi River after learning New Orleans didn’t plan a 2021 show, city officials told news outlets.

Smith moved production of the film from Georgia to Louisiana in early April after Georgia passed a new voting law that prompted a federal lawsuit saying the overhaul was intended to deny Black voters equal access to the ballot.

If there is any city that should be having a massive fireworks show for the holidays, it’s New Orleans. Will Smith providing them with a show will make him a legend in the bayou. With COVID-19 taking away so much, fireworks are where we all draw the line.

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